Port-A-Cool portable evaporative cooling, not a swamp cooler, but spot cooler that will cool large areas for only pennies per day! Port-A-Cool PortACool Port A Cool uses portable temporary evap cooling to spot cool and make areas cooler for thousands of sq.ft. in a factory, warehouse, football sidelines, sports events, tents and restaurant kitchens and outdoor seating areas. Outdoor air-conditioning, not a swamp cooler, but evaporative cooling when cooling fans are not efficient for cooling, spot cooling or for cooler air instead of fans simply blowing hot air.

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Portable Cooling   48" 2-Speed
Portable Cooling   36" Variable Speed
Portable Cooling   36" 3-Speed
Portable Cooling   36" 1-Speed
Portable Cooling   Port-A-Cool Hurricane
Portable Cooling   24" Variable Speed
Portable Cooling   JetStream™ 2400
Portable Cooling   JetStream™ 1600
Portable Cooling   Port-A-Cool Islander™
Portable Cooling   16" 3-Speed Vertical
Portable Cooling   16"  Heavy Duty
Portable Cooling   Cyclone™ 3000
Portable Cooling   KuulAire™
Portable Cooling   Pneumatic
Portable Cooling   Hazardous Location


Port-A-Cool Portable Cooling
Portable Evaporative Cooling

Portable Cooling   Port-A-Filler
Portable Cooling   KÜÜL Pads
Portable Cooling   MK-47
Portable Cooling   Port-A-Cool Cover
Portable Cooling   16" Ducting Adapter


Port-A-Cool Portable Cooling

Portable Cooling   DP1-70-03 70 Pint
Portable Cooling   DP1-45-03 45 Pint
Portable Cooling   DP1-30-03 30 Pint

Air Conditioning

Port-A-Cool Portable Cooling

Portable Cooling   LX-140BL 14,000 BTU
Portable Cooling   PH5-13R-35 13,000 BTU
Portable Cooling   PH4-13R-01 13,000 BTU
Portable Cooling   PE2-10R-32 10,000 BTU
Portable Cooling   PE2-09R-32 9,000 BTU
Portable Cooling   KY-9000 DB 9,000 BTU
Portable Cooling   PE2-08R-62 8,000 BTU

Swamp Coolers


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Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Referral Program

You not only save money by using Port-A-Cool® products,
but you can also make money too!

We will pay you $50.00 every time you refer
 a new customer to Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals

Here's all you have to do:

If you know someone who would benefit from the comfort and increased productivity that Port-A-Cool® products provide, and who wants to save 90% or more on their cooling cost, then tell them to call us and mention your PAC Referral Number (Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Referral Number).  Or you can email, fax or submit your referral information to our sales office and we will contact your referral client.

When a new customer that you referred to us buys any Port-A-Cool® model, we will send you a check for $50.00.  That's all there is to it!

Many times when people visit a home or business where a Port-A-Cool® unit is being used, they want one too. Now you can actually, not only save money by having a Port-A-Cool® product, but you can make money too!

Simply give your referral customer our toll free phone number, 800-747-9591 along with your PAC Referral Number.  Then tell them to call us and be sure to mention your PAC Referral Number when they call. That's all you have to do. When the customer calls us to purchase their Port-A-Cool® unit(s), we will mail you a check for $50.00!

Even if you don't own a Port-A-Cool® product:

If you, for instance, work in an office building that has central air-conditioning already installed or live in a condo or apartment with central air-conditioning installed, and you don't have a backyard pool or garage workshop, and you don't own a business where your employees or customers would benefit from Port-A-Cool® products, then you probably don't need a Port-A-Cool® cooling product. However, you may know someone who does, and you can still participate in the Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Referral Program!  Just call or write to Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals for your PAC Referral Number. Or you can go to the on-line Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Referral Program from this page to receive your PAC Referral Number.

There are many people who need Port-A-Cool® cooling products and would benefit from the comfort and savings that they offer. But if they don't know about us, don't attend our trade shows, haven't reviewed our ads in newspapers or on TV or visited this website, they would appreciate you telling them how they can save at least 90% or more on their cooling cost.

Port-A-Cool® product owners benefit the most from this program.  It's easy when people can actually feel and experience the difference Port-A-Cool® products make. And when they ask you where they can get one, you just give them your PAC Referral Number and tell them to call us.

We must have your PAC Referral Number associated with the new customer before delivery. Although our sales department will always ask if a customer has received a PAC Referral Number, to insure that you receive credit for the referral, you can also send your referral contact information to our sales office.

Contact information must include:

Referral customer's name
Referral customer's mailing address
Referral customer's phone number
Your PAC Referral Number

® product owners each receive a Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Referral Program sign-up form. If you did not receive this form, then go to the Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Referral Program. You can fill in the on-line form and start referring customers and receiving money for each referral today!

Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Referral Program Sign Up


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